“The most comfortable and easy fit I’ve ever had”
Jessie G. 89yrs Hibiscus Coast

“As a young adult I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was put onto medication but found that it did not offer much relief at all. I was desperate to find something that would help me to feel better. I found being in warm water incredibly therapeutic and soothing. However the fatigue and pain I experienced left me feeling weak and wanting to just curl up into a ball. With my low energy levels it felt like too much of a mammoth task just to get myself to a swimming pool, let alone having to get changed into and out of a swimming suit that required me to tug at fabric and move any part of my aching body.

SlipOn™ Swimsuits has changed this completely for me. Thankfully I am well on the road to recovery, but on days where symptoms still occasionally flare up I no longer have to face the battle of having to get into and out of a swimsuit. The Velcro closures make it incredibly easy for me to get changed and I am able to get into the water much sooner than I could before.

The SlipOn™ Swimsuit is by far the most comfortable swim suit that I have ever worn. As part of Fibromyalgia I sometimes experience skin sensitivity (where skin is painful to touch in certain areas) and bloating associated with commonly linked ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ so it’s not always easy to feel at my best while in a swim suit. However the SlipOn™ Swimsuit with it’s incredibly comfortable stretch material and highly flattering double cross over design fits comfortably at all times leaving me to feel confident, happy and incredibly comfortable in my swimsuit whenever I am wearing it. The SlipOn™ Swimsuit has benefited me so much and for this reason I would genuinely recommend this suit to anyone and everyone.”
Ashley, 26 year old female, Auckland

“I am delighted with the fit as it is very flattering and above all, it is so easy to put on.”
Hilary Y, Nelson

“The suit design is amazing and fit over my baby bump is snug and supportive. It feels lovely to wear. Soooo much more comfortable than trying to squeeze myself in some ridiculous swimsuit that just doesn’t work with a baby bump.”
Georgina, 3rd trimester, Auckland

“The suit is easy to get in and out of comfortably. The tall torso (not available at present) I think for me should be even more comfortable. I have great difficulty in finding a suit to fit. I have Osteo Arthritis, have kept mobile in 32C water exercise.”
Mae G, Dunedin

“Osteo Arthritis has made my right shoulder very restricted. This suit is beautifully designed, easy to wear. A new wrap around in 3 easy stages. No pulling on the shoulders, comfortable to wear. The design is first class. Very suitable for all ages.”
Ellen E, Hibiscus Coast