Water Walking Assistant



The Water Walking Assistant provides independence in the water

Small 11″x22″

Medium 13″x24″

Large 15″x24″

X-Large 19″x28″


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This unique design can help with muscular dystrophy, arthritis, neurological disorders, joint replacements, fibromyalgia and any debilitating illness.  The Water Walker provides a secure environment that is not capable of tipping over which provides confidence in the person to exercise in the water without fear.

The Water Walker was designed for a physician who had a stroke.   He knew if he could exercise in water he could retain the best quality of life he could achieve.  An engineer friend helped design the Water Walker for him to continue with his exercise even with his disability.

Promoting independence is so important to an individual.  With the Water Walker it provides the individual with a vertical position stability and support during water exercise and activities.  A mother was so thrilled to see her son walking in the water for the very first time.

There are 4 sizes from the small to the extra large.  The width of the shoulders will determine the size you need to purchase.  All therapy pools should have this piece of equipment.  The individual will rehabilitate so much quicker when they are relaxed.

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